Oh, dear, every mother is worried when she's pregnant. The baby is born with 31 fingers and toes

March big boy Philip Hong (a pseudonym),
born with 31 fingers and toes.
Doctors say this is a rare multi finger disease.
This is Hong Hong's foot,
a total of 16 toes down down down Philip Philip both hands were two hands,
two hands on his left hand out 8 fingers,
the right hand out 7 fingers,
4 palms are no thumbs.
The hands of Hong Hong,
a long added up to 15 fingers down down down Philip Philip fingers and toes were 31.
On May Day,
Philip's father,
Zou Chenglin,
is still looking for medical advice.
He and his wife both work in Shenzhen.
Since the birth of his son,
he kept looking for information and consulting doctors.
The couple with their children ran through Guangdong,
Hunan and other places more than 10 children's Hospital,
accumulated a thick stack of medical rec

Peking University business mentor Mr Huang has sent us 92 business bid farewell to the literati mode

s no longer angry.
Stealth in the north he knows the scale and the red line,
at the same time,
also do not forget poetry and distance / Du Yijie / Chang Jiong,
editor in North Long Run Park,
Mr Huang was nervously held in April 28th one hundred years of new poetry large-scale poetry recital preparation.
He also maintained his early form of Yanan,
got up at 6 in the morning,
and spent 1 hours running around the gym and doing strength training,
watching news from CCTV4 and Phoenix tv.
He is 92 meters tall,
strong physique,
walk like a thick wall,
laughing eyes narrowed,
to be sincere and cordial.
In order to cope with the shooting,
he wore a plain suit trousers,
but always felt awkward.
He doesn't like wearing formal clothes at all,
he prefers loose mountaineering clothes in private.
I do

Central Military Commission and other departments jointly investigate the second Armed Police Hospital, how to quickly see through false hospitals?

Wei Zexi,
a college student,
died of illness and became the focus of public opinion.
The latest news shows that the Central Military Commission,
logistical support,
Health Bureau and other departments have been investigated in some hospitals - Second Hospital of Armed Police Beijing Office.
What can patients do to prevent tragedy from happening before the authoritative conclusion comes out? According to the State Health Planning Commission website news,
the national health and Family Planning Commission spokesman said that recently,
Wei Zexi incident has been widespread concern.
The national network office,
in conjunction with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the state health and Family Planning Commission,
has set up a joint investigation team to investigate

Not real estate, the most profitable industry in 2015 turned out to be...

TV Finance (cctvyscj) as of April 30th,
A shares listed company annual report has ended,
Wan information statistics show that the current two cities,
a total of 2843 companies announced the 2015 annual report.
A stock market in the end what industries most profitable? Which industries have the largest number of losses? Over 80% listed companies last year to achieve profitability,
as of April 30th,
A shares listed company annual report has ended,
Wan information statistics show that the current two cities,
a total of 2843 companies announced the 2015 annual report.
Among them,
2483 companies achieved profitability last year,
accounting for 87.
3%; loss of 360 companies,
accounting for only 12.
Many companies have achieved substantial growth in performance through mergers,

Just drunk, all sorts of divine reactions to foreigners eating Chinese food

od is broad and profound,
and it can be eaten by foreigners! Xiaobian compiled a summary of the netizens summed up the reaction of foreigners to eat Chinese food! 1,
I am a cousin living in host families in the United States,
just to feel the United States too difficult times on their own in the kitchen to make a meal,
then the host family in one family,
my cousin called them together again.
After a meal,
they told my cousin,
we'll give you half the rent.
You'll give us two meals a week,
won't you? 2,
when I study abroad,
once in the dormitory burned a pot of sweet and sour pork ribs.
In order to spread flavor (the devil did not smoke hood),
they opened the door.
As a result,
five minutes later met the entire floor of the neighborhood.
They even don't have all the juices.
my sister

The stock market opened Chinese King mystery 3 trillion regiment surfaced

ing content,
click on the title below,
financial reporter circle concerned about us.
The source of | daily economic news (nbdnews),
thank you! In April 30th,
A shares of listed companies with a quarterly disclosure is completed,
a tough men's mysterious veil has been lifted,
it is called Chinese stock king,
is sitting on a net worth of  trillion and 320 billion,
less money can match.
So who is this king? The 3 trillion and 320 billion regiment and what is the secret? Let's have a full range of analysis.
Overview: gold,
gold card exchange quarterly stock market value of 3 trillion and 320 billion first,
let's see who is the stock king: since mid June 2015,
A shares fell,
gold card company,
Huijin Company constantly buying and stabilizing the market and become the most watched national t

Move more sit more fat vs sitting too thin to work time can get you.

the office for OL (meat),
you also have a belly more and more trouble? In addition to three,
no five,
stand up and move,
you can also try this stand can practice abdominal muscle simple core training method oh.
First of all,
we remember the action 1/ legs open,
heel distance than the shoulder width,
is parallel to 2/ hands stretched upward 3/ took a deep breath,
exhale slowly after the process of pushing back,
buttocks will let the body trunk down to parallel with the ground 4/ remember in the process will focus on the toes,
fingers as far as possible reach out and keep the abdominal force state of 5/ for 30 seconds,
slowly back,
repeat 10 times,
and then continue to work.
If you move too lazy ass,
want to sit on the chair to stretch,
also have a few strokes for you: straight arm,

Ten years is not long, we are afraid that time is too short

is very simple,
a wisp of the moon,
a stone,
is the best witness of sexual gratification.
Without his love but cherish each other,
without each other but exhort and trustworthy.
Until the haired,
the token of love still retains the original moved with temperature.
He is an Olympic champion.
She is a news anchor.
He and she are friends,
and couples! Love the first year,
those who can not be together,
let us cherish each other more.
Like all the other couples in the world,
they have experienced a lot of resistance in different places,
exotic times,
and jet lag.
In 2006,
Zou Shiming and Ran Yingying began their first date,
and when love was sweet,
Zou Shiming flew to Cuba for second days and interrupted.
On the other side of the ocean,
the streets were filled with public te

The magic India mobile phone market

smelling incense,
remember that a few days ago,
Rebs sung in India to the north and south of a Are You OK song?.
(you don't have to use his cell phone,
but you can't miss his song.
) Well,
of course,
it's not Rebs's musical talent,
but this amazing India mobile phone market today.
In 2014,
the country with a population of 1 billion 200 million had only 10% smartphones.
That is to say,
in the era when most of them still stay in the era of functional machines,
iPhone has already come to 5s.
Even now,
a hand mobile phone,
or the vast majority of such.
Do you think the mobile phone market in India is like that of China a few years ago?! A large wave of functional machines need to replace as intelligent machines,
which are full of opportunities and temptations ah,
which mobile phone manu

In a word, tell you how to set a world record