Just drunk, all sorts of divine reactions to foreigners eating Chinese food

od is broad and profound,
and it can be eaten by foreigners! Xiaobian compiled a summary of the netizens summed up the reaction of foreigners to eat Chinese food! 1,
I am a cousin living in host families in the United States,
just to feel the United States too difficult times on their own in the kitchen to make a meal,
then the host family in one family,
my cousin called them together again.
After a meal,
they told my cousin,
we'll give you half the rent.
You'll give us two meals a week,
won't you? 2,
when I study abroad,
once in the dormitory burned a pot of sweet and sour pork ribs.
In order to spread flavor (the devil did not smoke hood),
they opened the door.
As a result,
five minutes later met the entire floor of the neighborhood.
They even don't have all the juices.
my sister