Move more sit more fat vs sitting too thin to work time can get you.

the office for OL (meat),
you also have a belly more and more trouble? In addition to three,
no five,
stand up and move,
you can also try this stand can practice abdominal muscle simple core training method oh.
First of all,
we remember the action 1/ legs open,
heel distance than the shoulder width,
is parallel to 2/ hands stretched upward 3/ took a deep breath,
exhale slowly after the process of pushing back,
buttocks will let the body trunk down to parallel with the ground 4/ remember in the process will focus on the toes,
fingers as far as possible reach out and keep the abdominal force state of 5/ for 30 seconds,
slowly back,
repeat 10 times,
and then continue to work.
If you move too lazy ass,
want to sit on the chair to stretch,
also have a few strokes for you: straight arm,