Oh, dear, every mother is worried when she's pregnant. The baby is born with 31 fingers and toes

March big boy Philip Hong (a pseudonym),
born with 31 fingers and toes.
Doctors say this is a rare multi finger disease.
This is Hong Hong's foot,
a total of 16 toes down down down Philip Philip both hands were two hands,
two hands on his left hand out 8 fingers,
the right hand out 7 fingers,
4 palms are no thumbs.
The hands of Hong Hong,
a long added up to 15 fingers down down down Philip Philip fingers and toes were 31.
On May Day,
Philip's father,
Zou Chenglin,
is still looking for medical advice.
He and his wife both work in Shenzhen.
Since the birth of his son,
he kept looking for information and consulting doctors.
The couple with their children ran through Guangdong,
Hunan and other places more than 10 children's Hospital,
accumulated a thick stack of medical rec