Peking University business mentor Mr Huang has sent us 92 business bid farewell to the literati mode

s no longer angry.
Stealth in the north he knows the scale and the red line,
at the same time,
also do not forget poetry and distance / Du Yijie / Chang Jiong,
editor in North Long Run Park,
Mr Huang was nervously held in April 28th one hundred years of new poetry large-scale poetry recital preparation.
He also maintained his early form of Yanan,
got up at 6 in the morning,
and spent 1 hours running around the gym and doing strength training,
watching news from CCTV4 and Phoenix tv.
He is 92 meters tall,
strong physique,
walk like a thick wall,
laughing eyes narrowed,
to be sincere and cordial.
In order to cope with the shooting,
he wore a plain suit trousers,
but always felt awkward.
He doesn't like wearing formal clothes at all,
he prefers loose mountaineering clothes in private.
I do