Ten years is not long, we are afraid that time is too short

is very simple,
a wisp of the moon,
a stone,
is the best witness of sexual gratification.
Without his love but cherish each other,
without each other but exhort and trustworthy.
Until the haired,
the token of love still retains the original moved with temperature.
He is an Olympic champion.
She is a news anchor.
He and she are friends,
and couples! Love the first year,
those who can not be together,
let us cherish each other more.
Like all the other couples in the world,
they have experienced a lot of resistance in different places,
exotic times,
and jet lag.
In 2006,
Zou Shiming and Ran Yingying began their first date,
and when love was sweet,
Zou Shiming flew to Cuba for second days and interrupted.
On the other side of the ocean,
the streets were filled with public te