The magic India mobile phone market

smelling incense,
remember that a few days ago,
Rebs sung in India to the north and south of a Are You OK song?.
(you don't have to use his cell phone,
but you can't miss his song.
) Well,
of course,
it's not Rebs's musical talent,
but this amazing India mobile phone market today.
In 2014,
the country with a population of 1 billion 200 million had only 10% smartphones.
That is to say,
in the era when most of them still stay in the era of functional machines,
iPhone has already come to 5s.
Even now,
a hand mobile phone,
or the vast majority of such.
Do you think the mobile phone market in India is like that of China a few years ago?! A large wave of functional machines need to replace as intelligent machines,
which are full of opportunities and temptations ah,
which mobile phone manu