The stock market opened Chinese King mystery 3 trillion regiment surfaced

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financial reporter circle concerned about us.
The source of | daily economic news (nbdnews),
thank you! In April 30th,
A shares of listed companies with a quarterly disclosure is completed,
a tough men's mysterious veil has been lifted,
it is called Chinese stock king,
is sitting on a net worth of  trillion and 320 billion,
less money can match.
So who is this king? The 3 trillion and 320 billion regiment and what is the secret? Let's have a full range of analysis.
Overview: gold,
gold card exchange quarterly stock market value of 3 trillion and 320 billion first,
let's see who is the stock king: since mid June 2015,
A shares fell,
gold card company,
Huijin Company constantly buying and stabilizing the market and become the most watched national t