Children are so smart that they can do it for three years in grade one. The mother of Wenzhou is very upset

Wenzhou Zhou mother met a happy worry -- read the first grade children,
primary school Chinese,
has been able to easily answer the third grade mathematics textbook knowledge,
also can do the fourth grade title,
the literacy amount is already reached the level of junior high school.
The mother worries: children have been very clever,
to pass that,
I never do extra tutoring to children,
do not want to give a child on the crown of child prodigy and genius of the title,
but the child has to hold higher levels of knowledge,
is to continue to stay in the same class to follow the prescribed order to learn better.
Just give him a higher platform? Skip for children,
is in accordance with their aptitude or spoil things by excessive enthusiasm? We support: parents voice delta outstanding stude