From the town to the youth of Beijing, it is so far away from a house

he second consolidation grocery editor: 02 2016 26 July Ning Xiaoyu Beijing News: Beijing housing market ahead of spring I love Beijing,
I love Beijing? The city of Beijing,
which left our youth,
did not leave us.
Now we become no longer escape North Canton vocabulary,
even if there are a lot of young people,
even racking their brains to integrate into the city of Beijing.
We cannot measure whether Beijing really belong to you,
because there are too many people like the movie I am Passers-A in group play,
with all sorts of strange things dream,
crashed into Beijing.
But we can judge whether you belong to Beijing,
there are no accounts,
can not afford to buy housing,
it is whether you take root in Beijing external standards.
The movie love in the buff,
played by Miriam Yeung Yu Chunji